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Update 1.1.2589 adds shuttle pads and more Posted March 29th, 2020 by Tynan Sylvester Steam and GoG Galaxy will update automatically. For those who bought DRM-free on rimworldgame.com, you should re-download from your original download link; it always has the latest version dotnet add package Krafs.Rimworld.Ref --version 1.1.2589 <PackageReference Include=Krafs.Rimworld.Ref Version=1.1.2589 /> For projects that support PackageReference , copy this XML node into the project file to reference the package From RimWorld Wiki. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Previous Version: Version/1.1.2589: Next Version: Version/1.1.2610: This update covers a lot of different ground including a large number of refinements and smaller fixes. It improves both the base game and Royalty expansion content. The most obvious feature is that you can now choose whether you want to recieve faction goodwill rewards. Version 1.1 Version 1.2 Libraries Mods Astra Militarum Imperial Guard Core Mod. WH40k Astra Militarium Imperial Guard Mod, is a core mod that adds the Imperial Guard to RimWorld. After extensive research and pain you can now turn your Pawns into Astarte Warriors! Astra Militarum Imperial Guard Co..

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  1. g the many war crimes of rimworld! If you are experiencing any issues with the mod please ask for help on our discord server.
  2. Originally posted by Tynan: Vollständige Eventdaten: RimWorld Announcement Feb 29, 2020. Update 1.1.2559 released. EDIT 2: It appears there's a lot of incompatibility between mods at the moment. Mainly this derives from a recent change in how the Harmony mod worked, which was itself compelled by a change in..
  3. Free Download RimWorld Royalty v1.1.2654 PC Game - A sci-fi colony sim driven by an intelligent AI storyteller. Inspired by Dwarf Fortress and Firefly. Generates stories by simulating psychology, ecology, gunplay, melee combat, climate, biomes, diplom
  4. [KV] RimFridge - 1.1 - a mod for RimWorld Adds refrigerated racks to keep food and other perishables cold. Ideal for use in dining rooms, freeing up labour from feeding prisoners, or keeping food on hand for cooks. Base RimFridge comes in 1x1, 1x2, and 2x2 versions. A Wall version of the 1x1 and 1x2 can be used to divide rooms and seperate the kitchen from the dining area, or create hard.
  5. imum: Video RAM: Included DLC: Royalty. RimWorld is a sci-fi colony sim driven by an intelligent AI storyteller. Inspired by Dwarf Fortress, Firefly, FTL, and Dune. You begin with three survivors of a shipwreck on a distant world. Manage.

RimWorld 1.1 单人开局 新版本再次把前期难度降低,但是之前玩得东西都忘得差不多了,先看看都改了什么东西 给的小人都不能搬运清洁,太现实了。。。 主站 番剧; 游戏中心; 直播; 会员购; 漫画; 赛事; 投稿 RimWorld 1.1 单人温带沼泽. 2.6万播放 · 660弹幕 2020-03-07 01:30:47. 482 287 282 6 稿件投诉 RimWorld 1.1. Since RimWorld is a story-generation game, quests aren't fixed like in other games. Instead, the system procedurally generates unique quests with every new game. Different goals, foes, guests, rewards, helpers, special threats, and world conditions combine to create endless varied stories and challenges. Quests will reward you with new allies, unique implants, archotechnological artifacts,

Your mods need to be loaded in a certain order, and library mods must load before the core game itself, but as of the Rimworld 1.1 update there's an auto sort option to shuffle them into the. Buy DRM-free: https://rimworldgame.comBuy on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/294100/RimWorld/Blog: https://ludeon.co A simple mod that adds a growable zucchini plant to your RimWorld experience! A vegetable of the squash family, zucchini plants require fertile soil... 0. 1.2. October 29, 2020 Yayo's EndGame. Description: * Add a new ending* About I was always dissatisfied with experiencing only one biome at Rimworld.But it wasn't fun to travel the... 0. 1.2. October 29, 2020 [HLX] ReGrowth - Temperate. A vanilla-friendly set of mods for a better RimWorld! Adds cosmetic and gameplay features including expanded cotton and cloth mechanics, new food crops and recipes, a huge selection of new flooring and bed colours, and more! Modular design lets you enable only the parts you want. 13.0MB. 1.3k Added cross compatibility for RimWorld 1.0 as well as RimWorld 1.1. Assets 2. Source code (zip) Source code (tar.gz); 77dbf80; Compare. Choose a tag to compare. Search for a tag. JecsTools JecsTools - 1.1Update.; 77dbf80; Compare. Choose a tag to compare. Search for a tag . jecrell released this Feb 29, 2020. Updates JecsTools for use in RimWorld 1.1. Assets 2. Source code.

Yes it's 1.1 compatible, just get the right version. Also it doesn't support prepared carefully. 6. level 2. Aeolys. Loading my last autosave while crying 10 months ago. Some parts doesn't work with prepared carefully, mainly the modifying health part and loading presets. Using Character Editor to load in characters and edit their health then. Allow tool 1.1 (the allow button shows up) Then I try adding in either of the following: edb interface 3.1.2 edb mod order 1.6.1 As soon as I add either of those, the allow button disappears from the orders menu. Doesn't matter if I load them before or after the CCL/allow tool LINK: https://mega.nz/#!SQdSSQRQ!Zt1EfP1h27LIfm3PG2e2ulnbaS6S1EJf5UtJrePNgR Rimworld 1.1. Update 1.1 will introduce 40 new features, 64 adjustments, and a further 58 bug fixes. This major expansion also looks to overhaul the game's technical performance. According to. Krafs. Rimworld. Ref 1.1.2647. RimWorld reference assemblies. Allows compiling a mod without the actual game files. There is a newer version of this package available. See the version list below for details. For projects that support PackageReference, copy this XML node into the project file to reference the package

RimWorld: Neues großes Update (1.1) und Royalty-DLC veröffentlicht. Geschrieben von Christian Lenzen, Spieleredakteur, am 25. Februar 2020 um 08:45 Uhr. Ein Jahr nach Release ist es nun soweit: RimWorld bekommt seine erste kostenpflichtige Erweiterung. Diese bringt Mech-Basen, Psychokräfte sowie den Adel RimWorld: Viele Neuerungen mit Update 1.1. Die Liste der Änderungen und Verbesserungen, die mit Update 1.1 ins Spiel kamen, ist lang und hier nachzulesen. Wir fassen einige der wichtigsten Punkte zusammen: Die UI-Skalierung ist nun schärfer, was sich auf hochauflösenden Monitoren bemerkbar macht. Die neuen Quest-Tabs sind übersichtlicher Mod «Beautiful Bodies» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.1) Replaces the body textures with highly detailed body shapes. They are 100% compatible with vanilla clothes as they have been designed over the original vanilla blob shapes Kostenlos rimworld 1.1 download herunterladen bei UpdateStar - RimWorld is a top-down construction and management simulation computer game currently being developed by Ludeon Studios. The main objective of the game is to expand a settlement of people in a futuristic setting, on a non-Earth planet 1 Einsteiger-Tipps für eine neue Kolonie - RimWorld. 1.1 RimWorld: Tipps und Tricks für einen guten Start im Nirgendwo. 1.2 AI Storyteller: Die Wahl des Erzählers. 1.3 Charaktergenerierung: Die.

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Steam Workshop: RimWorld. Modlist used in the EXTREME JAWAS ️ Rimworld 1.1 Let's Play Gameplay series by xwynns. If you have questions, feel free to ask us in the Rimworld channel of our Discord server: https://disco 1.1 / 1.2. August 27, 2020. Androids Expanded. Description: Adds two additional droids craftable from the Droid Fabricator through spacer technology research. These cost more resources and take much longer to print... 0. 1.0 / 1.1. Showing 1-30 of 3,974 entries. Sort by Most Popular Over time period One Week. Real Faction Guest. by YAYO. RimQuest (Continued) by Mlie. [HLX] ReGrowth - Extinct Animals Pack. by Helixien. Visible Pants [KV] RimFridge - 1.1 - a mod for RimWorld Adds refrigerated racks to keep food and other perishables cold. Ideal for use in dining rooms, freeing up labour from feeding prisoners, or keeping food on hand for cooks. Base RimFridge comes in 1x1, 1x2, and 2x2 versions. A Wall version of the 1x1 and 1x2 can be used to divide rooms and seperate the kitchen from the dining area, or create hard.

[29.09.2020] Update for Rimworld 1.1 and 1.2. Credit goes to Khaligufzel, the author of the mod. Have fun!-m1st4x-+++++ original description: Since starting my first colony in Rimworld I thought the game should be about the Story. I remember well when my first colonist die, first marriage in colony, raids... i remember how one guy, who barely knew about medicine, rescued all his palls. I. Update 1.1.2647 adds psychic meditation, new psycasts, and tons more; Recent Comments. Vtuber 【宝鐘マリン】マリン船長がリムワールドで使ってるMOD営利目的で大丈夫なんか?これ系のライセンスって面倒だろ? on FAQ; Random RimWorld Adventure Episode 0 - I can't spell random games on FA 【RimWorld 1.1】きつねっ娘ろにー #25【ゆっくり実況】 [ゲーム] 地獄のような家系図ができそうオリジナルキャラクターを使ったゆっくり実況です。主に種族追加系MOD..

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【RimWorld 1.1】きつねっ娘ろにー #28【ゆっくり実況】 [ゲーム] あの子グモどうせならテイムすればよかったかなオリジナルキャラクターを使ったゆっくり実況です Allow tool 1.1 (the allow button shows up) Then I try adding in either of the following: edb interface 3.1.2 edb mod order 1.6.1 As soon as I add either of those, the allow button disappears from the orders menu. Doesn't matter if I load them before or after the CCL/allow tool 【RimWorld 1.1】きつねっ娘ろにー #29【ゆっくり実況】 [ゲーム] エヴァ初号機の頭から血がブシューってなるの思い出したオリジナルキャラクターを使ったゆっくり実..

All RimWorld Mods Free Download Blog. 0. 1.1. July 21, 2020. Extend the Cat. Description: This mod adds a lot of cats in the game.The cat added in this mod has the following features.· Hauling· Nuzzles· Packing Animal·... 0. 1.1. July 21, 2020. Apothecary. Description: Overview V1.1 A medicinal mod focused on earlier technology epochs prior to the industrial age. (Also more suited to. Re: RimWorld 1.1 available on unstable Steam branch. « Reply #1 on: February 16, 2020, 10:27:54 PM ». The biolocking of weapons sounds like the weapon equivalent of dead mans apparel, probably isnt a bad thing if it means you aren't getting ahold of superior weapons quickly en mass. Logged RimWorld 1.1 单人开局 新版本再次把前期难度降低,但是之前玩得东西都忘得差不多了,先看看都改了什么东西 给的小人都不能搬运清洁,太现实了。。。 游戏; 单机游戏; 环世界 RIMWORLD 单机 评论. k0hot 发消息 视频选集 (1/11) 自动连播 《环世界v1.2》极端单人裸开. 唯吾知梦. 9672 播放 · 50 弹幕 环世界1. Description: This mod contains the C# library Harmony for RimWorld 1.1 mods. Harmony is a library that is used by many mods. Before RimWorld... 0. 1.0 / 1.1. July 23, 2020. Hive Humans. Description: Adds Hive Humans, a short lived, rapidly reproducing race that lives under a central Queen. A different spin on Rimworld. These Hive Humans... 0. 1.0 / 1.1. July 23, 2020. Project Itzal - Even.

The Empire mod is a mod created by Saakra (Wolf) for Rimworld version 1.1. Do not be confused with The Shattered Empire added by the Royalty DLC. Video: 0:55 Faction Tab7:50 Creating a settlement 10:55 Settlement menu 21:33 Bills menu & Event Menu 24:50 Military Menu 1 More detailed version of.. RimWorld's free 1.1 update is now live for all players! This update has been on the unstable branch for a week to smooth the transition for mods, and now it's the standard branch for everyone. To see the full change log for this update, look at the original 1.1 announcement here. RimWorld - Royalty released . RimWorld's new expansion RimWorld - Royalty is available! See the full. Update 0.5.0 | 1.1 and Royalty Patch Friday April 17, 2020 by Swept. Sorry for the radio silence and lack of updates. The 1.1 update together with Royalty compatibility was a pretty tricky patch, as the update broke a lot of stuff and even now we're still finding new things that need syncing/fixing RimWorld has received a new update. This patch is now available to download on Steam. You will find that RimWorld Update 1.1.2573 has a few new features

Das meist gewünschte Feature für Rimworld dürfte ein Multiplayer-Modus sein. Der könnte in Zukunft auch ohne Mods Realität werden RimWorld 1.1 will bring new items and animals, including a goose. While splendid spacecolony sim RimWorld may have left early access in October 2018, creator Tynan Sylvester has always insisted that didn't mean it was done. And here we are today, with a public beta build of Update 1.1 for spacemanagers to test

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Enable RuntimeGC, go to Options-Mod Settings, select RuntimeGC, uncheck Clear unused translations. Copy RuntimeGC/Languages/English folder. Translate all the Keyed contents. Please do not make DefInjections for MainButtonDef as it will be translated using 3 Keyed translations instead of using injections Camera+ for RimWorld. Contribute to pardeike/CameraPlus development by creating an account on GitHub

【Rimworld 1.1-DLC-老逼狙击大阵--实战-200工程兵】 环世界边缘世界 . 老忍者的日常. 2833 播放 · 30 弹幕 【昊天】极简主义、超微型奇点阵-09。牺牲一定灵活性换来超小占地面积程度的能力. 龙雨昊天. 4364 播放 · 1 弹幕 【环世界】环世界1.2版本 限流判定 机制讲解 不要在无效限流啦,新版本有新方法. (Deleteing of Core is now obsolete with rimworld version 1.1 and greater) Open up the downloaded Hardcore sk project .zip file. Extract everything in the Hardcore-SK-master\Mods\ OR Hardcore-SK-Development\Mods\ folder into your Rimworlds\Mods\ folder, and overwrite any files if prompted. Master: is the stable version/branch of the modpack usually a version behind the latest Rimworld.

0 13 1 1. RimWorld zusammen mit Freunden spielen? Dank Multiplayer-Mod ist das möglich. Viele sind der Ansicht, dass Ludeon Studios' exzellentes Koloniebau-Survivalspiel RimWorld mit einem. Listen to RimWorld 1.1 on Spotify. Peppsen · Single · 2019 · 3 songs Mod «Valkyria Rimworld» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.1) Valkyria Chronicles comes to Rimworld! This mod currently features various weapons and outfits from the game series Valkyria Chronicles, with a large focus on the fourth instalment of the series. The weapons in this pack fire similar to their in-game counterparts, with SMG's firing at least a.

RimWorld is a sci-fi colony sim driven by an intelligent AI storyteller. Inspired by Dwarf Fortress, Firefly, and Dune. You begin with three survivors of a shipwreck on a distant world. Manage colonists' moods, needs, wounds, and illnesses. Fashion structures, weapons, and apparel from metal, wood, stone, cloth, or futuristic materials. Tame and train cute pets, productive farm animals, and. Rimworld - Version 1.1 @ 2020-02-17. 長らくUpdateが止まっていて、もはや次のUpdateは無いだろうと思われていた名作、近親相姦人間奴隷牧場臓器売買シミュレーター・・・ではなくて健全なコロニー経営シミュレーターのRimworldにVersion 1.1が突如発表された。. まだ. 环世界-建筑党福音(城市规划)-RIMWORLD - 250 Pawn Prison Time-lapse【1.0】 14.1万播放 · 338弹幕 2019-01-15 21:00:23 1384 302 1027 23 RimWorld 1.1 and above is only 4x pemmican and 4x kibble. This mod is now part of the base game. Previous allowed cooking 4 simple, fine, lavish, or survival meals as well. Mod appreciation week spread the love, win games! Share anywhere to participate click for details. Add file FeedTheColonists for RimWorld 1.1. Location Games: RimWorld: Mods: Feed the Colonists: Files. Filename.

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Welcome to Stea FeedTheColonists Mod for RimWorld 1.0,1.1,1.2. Aug 29 2020 Feed the Colonists Full Version. This is the FINAL update of this mod. It has been updated for versions 1.1 and 1.2 to only support kibble x4, since pemmican x4 has been added to the.. RimWorld - Nächster Patch soll Version 1.0 werden und Early-Access-Phase beenden. Im November 2017 erklärte RimWorld-Schöpfer Tynan Sylvester, dass sich die Kolonie-Simulation in ihrer finalen. RimWorld Pirate King Access 25 September 2019 - 12:55:24 UTC: 367680: RimWorld Name in Game Access 2 June 2021 - 01:08:01 UTC: 367681: RimWorld Backstory in Game Access 25 September 2019 - 12:54:05 UTC: 1149640: RimWorld - Royalty 27 May 2021 - 08:12:37 UTC: 1392840: SteamDB Unknown App 1392840 (RimWorld - Kepler (Linux)) 10 August 2020.

RimWorld 1.1 is out with a first expansion with RimWorld - Royalty. Ludeon Studios dropped a sneaky one, not only did they release the big RimWorld 1.1 update they also released the first big expansion named RimWorld - Royalty. First, a reminder on what the big 1.1 update brings for everyone: UI improvements for high resolutions, a new Quests. RimWorld 1.1 per default looks for folders with the same version number (1.1) but I like my folders alphabetically relevant and chose a slightly different name: v1.1. So I use LoadFolders.xml to define a tag <v1.1/> that contains a list of folders to search for

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RimWorld Royalty was a surprise DLC that released simultaneously with RimWorld patch 1.1, to the tune of $20. There was no prior warning it was coming, nor what it would entail; it merely wasn't, and then it was. This actually made a lot of fans rather pleased, as the DLC brought about a wide assortment of abilities and new in-game mechanics that tied in pleasantly with. Все моды для RimWorld здесь переведены нашей командой. Не забывайте оставлять комментарии к модам, нам важно видеть ваши отзывы о нашей работе! RimWorld по русски! Новости Wiki Моды. Категории Интерфейс Геймплей Экипировка. Rimworld 1.1 unstable パッチノート翻訳・補足 . 今調べてたらrimWorld1.1のパッチノートを翻訳してくださった方が!あああっ!これは素晴らしい!ありがとうございます!そしてすごい量のアップデートだね想像よりもずっと大幅に変更が加えられてる、つか大型アップデートって言っていいねこれ. RimWorld 1.1 MINIMALISM mod-сборка на русском. Ссылка для скачивания станет доступна через секунд. стартовый мод пак для RimWorld 1.1 минимально портящий баланс в игре. Version R1.1-v1 от 05.04.20 включает 34 мода.

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【1.1】本体+dlc的250 网页 资讯贴吧知道 视频 音乐 图片 返回rimworld吧 【1.1】本体+dlc的250+mod兼容合集(包含汉化mod),带排序方法. 【1.1 更新】 〖兼容性〗 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.1 + 皇权 可以中途加入,不可中途取消 〖更多实用特性相关常识〗 1. 不相互冲突的特性可以同时出现在一个人身上,意味这些人可以通过特性叠加,在某些方向更强大。 2. 某些特性的作用可能需要搭配其他mod或DLC才能更好的.

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[RimWorld MOD] VoiceRoid Apparel Complete 1.1 Ver1.1のお知らせ(机の追加 . 2019-10-19 21:07. タグを編集 ログイン. VoiceRoid Apparel Completeについて、Ver1.1を公開しました 大量の服がミシン台を圧迫してしまっていたので、専用台の追加を行いしました。 今後は専用作業台からの製造となりますが、できるだけ民火. rimworld用 ボイロ彫刻追. やる夫の人のリムワールド動画にて紹介してもらった 普通の彫刻台でボイロ彫像を作れるようにするMODです。. これもせっかくなので静画にも置いておきますよ。. 紹介してもらったのは品物の名前が長かったのですが、自分でやっ.

【A15 Mod搬运】技能不减 Mad Skills A15-1.1.7 2016-10-14 21:17 【A16 Mod汉化+修改】精心准备 EdB Prepare Carefully(更新支持0.16.1393版本) 2016-12-28 21:32 A15能用的精心准备MOD(最新版) 2016-9-15 21:57 RimWorld 繁體中文版補丁 2014-7-28 01:40 [作废] Rimworld Alpha 3 简体中文汉化!!! 2016. RimWorld 1.1.2552 скачать игру бесплатно Оформлено: 27-02-2020, 14:33 Об Игре : Увлекательный симулятор выживания и процветания в космических просторах RimWorld для персональных компьютеров, разработанный компанией Ludeon Studios 【1.1】RimWorld《邊緣世界》- Vegetable Garden (菜園子) 編輯/作者:BiscuitMiner; 發佈日期: 2017/02/07; 最後更新: 2020/04/14; 瀏覽量:30945; 評論:3; 提示 提示. 此系列模組已內置繁簡漢化,玩家只要直接安裝模組即可,無需再自行安裝漢化語言包。 要致富,先種菜! 這模組系列包括多款不同內容的子模組. RimWorld is a sci-fi colony sim driven by an intelligent AI storyteller. Inspired by Dwarf Fortress, Firefly, and Dune. You begin with three survivors of a shipwreck on a distant world. Manage colonists' moods, needs, wounds, illnesses and addictions. Build in the forest, desert, jungle, tundra, and more. Watch colonists develop and break relationships with family members, lovers, and spouses. RimWorld Update 1.1, Royalty DLC Now Live Entertain the Empire and come away with some neat psychic powers in this new DLC

Video: GitHub - KiameV/rimworld-rimfridge: Adds refrigerated

На нашем сайте вы найдете следующие версии игры: rimworld моды 1.0, rimworld моды 1.1, rimworld моды 1. Combat Extended adds a plethora of new features to the game, many of which are not immediately apparent. This wiki is dedicated to providing easy access to information on core mechanics of the mod, as well as information on weapons, ammunition and more. Check out the main categories below. If you want to contribute, READ THIS FIRST クロミン MOD - RimWorld私的wiki 先頭へ . このページへのコメント. v1.0で使用するには、すべてのテクスチャの名前を変更する必要がありました back->north front->south side->east. 1. Posted by Taske 2020年04月08日(水) 16:14:07 返信. About.xmlを書き換えるだけでver1.0でも使用できました。 2. Posted by 名無し(ID:N2ME+JaVtA.

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Express your enthusiasm for RimWorld with these high quality RimWorld inspired T-Shirts, Hats, Posters, Mugs and more designed by independent artists RimWorld remains available on Steam's Early Access program. The $29.99 game is available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC and features elite packages of downloadable content for as much as $555. It. RimWorld'un 1.1 Güncellemesi Yayınlandı. 2018 yılından bu yana bilgisayar platformunda oynanmaya devam edilen RimWorld iki farklı sürüm ile satışlarına kaldığı yerden devam ederken oyun yeni bir güncelleme aldı. Oyunun 1.1 güncellemesi şuan indirilebilir durumda RimWorld 2013. PC, Mac, Linux. Leaderboard Guides Resources Discord Streams Forum Statistics Sub-games. Moderated by: B i s q w i t B i s q w i t. Escape Human Leather Hat Grand Gold Sculpture Wondrously Impressive Room 20 Healthy Prisoners Neutralize Ancient Danger Devilstrand Harvest 99 Bottles of Beer; Misc. Escape (beta18, any% regular only) any% build% 100% ascent% regular Sea Ice Extreme. VoiceRoid Apparel Complete 1.1のファイルを更新し、 ユーザーブロマガは2021年10月7日(予定)をもちましてサービスを終了します [RimWorld MOD] VoiceRoid Apparel Complete 1.1 小春六花の追

RimWorld Royalty-PLAZA + Update v1

The RimWorld of Magic Wiki is an unofficial collaborative database about the RimWorld mod, RimWorld of Magic. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article! There are 206 articles since March 2019! If you are new to wikis, check the getting started information page. Check out the Official Discord channel to see what the community. RimWorld really knows how to sink hours and hours of your time. But you have a life, of course. You need to balance your gaming with hanging out with friends. What better to do that than to play.

Rimworld (Eigenschreibweise: RimWorld) ist ein von den Ludeon Studios um Tynan Sylvester entwickeltes Computerspiel für Linux, Mac OS X und Microsoft Windows.Es verbindet Elemente eines Aufbauspiels mit einer Managementsimulation.Der Spieler lenkt die Geschicke einer notgelandeten Raumschiffcrew, die zunächst ihre Existenz sicherstellen und nach Möglichkeiten für ein Entkommen vom Planeten. Мод Character Editor — Редактор персонажей для RimWorld. Моды. 01.12.2020. 23.05.2019 от gamecaste. Редактор персонажей который позволяет редактировать всех юнитов на текущей карте (колонисты, враги, мертвые. RimWorld is an indie top-down construction and management simulation video game by Montreal-based developer Ludeon Studios. Originally called Eclipse Colony, it was initially released as a Kickstarter crowdfunding project in early access for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux in November 2013, and was officially released on October 17, 2018. The game has received generally positive reviews.

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