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Daemon failed to start Monero GUI wallet: Daemon doesn't start (Fix). We know you might have done this several times. First close your GUI... Finding monerod.exe file. Go to your Monero GUI wallet installation directory and you'll find the following exe files:... Run monerod.exe manually. Now open. And when I try to run the wallet (./monero-wallet-cli), i've got this ERROR message: > ERROR: wallet failed to connect to daemon: http://localhost:18081. Daemon is either not started or wrong port passed. Please make sur daemon is running or restart the wallet with the correct daemon address. (My firewall (ufw) is not active

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HOW TO: Set Up Monero GUI Wallet! (In Under 6 Min) . Monero Core GUI Wallet Beta for Linux Ubuntu/Mint/Debian/Arch+ XMR. How to Install the Monero Wallet and buy some Monero for it (2018) wallet failed to connect to daemon. Mining Monero on Macbook Air for 24Hours. How to Store Monero Using the Ledger Nano S Ask questions Wallet initialization failed: reorg exceeds maximum allowed depth, use 'set max-reorg-depth N' to allow it It needs to connect to a monero daemon to work correctly. Monero 'Oxygen Orion' (v0.17..-e5decd0cd) Logging to monero-wallet-rpc.log WARNING: You may not have a high enough lockable memory limit, see ulimit -l 2020-12-29 20:38:30.374 W Loading wallet... 2020-12-29 20.

If you are running the official Monero GUI, it will prompt you to run the daemon locally by default. This is the same as running a full node. Specify localhost as the daemon address in settings and click start daemon. You can manually specify daemon options in the daemon startup flags if desired monero-wallet-cli.exe --daemon-address node.moneroworld.com:18089. Once done, save the batch file and open it. Choose your wallet file, enter your password and it will start refreshing and connect to the network shortly. Linux / Mac: If you are running CLI wallet in Mac or Linux then use the following command to connect to a remote node../monero-wallet-cli --daemon-address node.moneroworld.com. Put in 8 PIN to Ledger Nano s running firmware version 1.6.1. Typed in Monero wallet password. Get message Opening Wallet and. answer Export View key question on Nano s. Get message Starting Local Node. Network Status: Starting the node. Then I get Daemon Failed to start The daemon connection may be used for two-step sending of transactions. For example, you may want to check the fee before broadcasting the transaction to the network. To prepare a transaction, use transfer() or transfer_multiple() method of the wallet or account, as described in the section about sending payments. The only difference is that now you want to add the relay=False argument. In [6. How to connect with the GUI wallet How to connect with the CLI wallet. monero-wallet-cli --daemon-address=node.minexmr.com:443. Security Note. SSL is mandatory for this node. It has a valid SSL certificate which you can force the CLI wallet to verify

Go to Settings > Wallet > Close this wallet. The main menu (Welcome to Monero screen) will open. At the bottom left, click on Change wallet mode button, and on the next page select Advanced mode. Next, open your wallet file again. Finding a public remote node. First, you will need to find a public remote node to connect to CSDN问答为您找到Error: Couldn't connect to daemon:相关问题答案,如果想了解更多关于Error: Couldn't connect to daemon:

Ask questions run monero-wallet-rpc failed with 'E No message store file found: test1.mms password This is the RPC monero wallet. It needs to connect to a monero daemon to work correctly. Monero 'Carbon Chamaeleon' (v0.15..-release) Logging to ./monero-wallet-rpc.log WARNING: You may not have a high enough lockable memory limit, see ulimit -l 2019-12-02 04:21:00.648 W Loading wallet. If you don't have a Monero wallet set up yet, I suggest you download the official Monero GUI wallet. However, if you prefer web wallets, MyMonero is a very solid product. Beware, however, that web wallets are inherently less secure due to the fact that your private keys are stored on a central server, and could be stolen by a determined hacker ./monero-wallet-cli --daemon-host node.moneroworld.com. Der default Port ist 18081. Willst du auf einen anderen Port connecten, dann kannst du den so übergeben: ./monero-wallet-cli --daemon-address node.moneroworld.com:18089. Nun das scheint wohl nicht immer zu klappen. Wenn solche Fehlermeldungen kommen, sieht man, dass die Ports ja ganz falsch übergeben wurden: Error: wallet failed to. Getmonero: User Guides is translated into 14 languages using Weblate. Join the translation or start translating your own project

The Monero Daemon. This is simply a programme that runs in the background. The Monero wallet requires a node to connect to- monerod. That process is the daemon, see in our article Monero's Complete Node [XMR], how do you execute it? It can run on a remote or local computer. A daemon is used in Monero to synchronize with the Monero network to scan for incoming transactions and send new. This means you are running the Monero daemon, the piece of software that connects to the other nodes on the network. Ideally, this software is being run on a computer where the incoming p2p port, 18080, is open, so that other nodes can connect to you. Full node: This is somewhat semantics, but this implies that you are running a Monero node Monero CLI & GUI / CLI Wallet — Esperanto. English. Attempting to save transaction to file, but specified file (s) exist. Exiting to not risk overwriting. File: Esperanto. Provante konservi transakcion al dosiero, sed specifaj dosieroj ekzistas. Eliri por ne riski surskribon. Dosiero

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Wallet created in 0.9.4, ubuntu 16.04 pre-built binaries using simplewallet. Upon deleting db and resyncing db for 0.10.0, I tried to load old simplewallet wallet into monero-wallet-cli and got the following error: monoero-wallet-cli error: failed to load wallet: basic_string::_M_replace_au Reall short video on how to fix the Damon connection failed: maxtryerror: daemon exited! error in the turtlecoin, turtle trtl gui wallet for windows.There se.. Can't connect to daemon (110: Connection timed out) Click to expand... Can you give a bit more info please so i can know what the problem is, is it that you cant start you're daemon or the panel doesnt connect with the daemon thank you If it fails half-way, just re-run it. The above command will continue where it left off. Finally import it into the daemon by running;./monero-blockchain-import --verify 0 --input-file ./blockchain.raw. Do remember though, run with --verify 0 only from a trusted source like above. When it finishes u can safely remove the *.raw file; rm -rf ./blockchain.raw. Now we need to verify and link to. Although Monero developers have mitigated most, if not all, privacy risks associated with connecting your wallet to a 3rd party node, to get a piece of mind it's recommended to run your own full node. In this article, I'll go through steps to install and set up monero on Linux, mainly the latest Ubuntu 18.04 bionic

Error: Couldn't connect to daemon: Error: Couldn't connect to daemon: Height: 123247/123247 (100.0%) on mainnet, not mining, net hash 12.80 MH/s, v1, up to date, 0(out)+0(in) connections, uptime 0d 0h 0m 1 Monero CLI wallet: monero-wallet-cli --daemon-host node.xmr.to --daemon-port 18081; Monerujo:; Healthcheck. Overall health check - Overall status only; Monerod health check - Monerod status only; Last block health check - Last block status only; Tor. Hostname: xmrtolujkxnlinre.onion: RPC Port : 18081 (default) Testnet. The testnet network is used to test new features and. If you are using the GUI wallet, your job is going to be very easy. First, you have to make sure that the daemon is stopped and the wallet is not running. If you are running Windows 10 or 8, your blockchain data is stored under ProgramData in a folder named bitmonero. All you have to do to get started is COPY the folder to a new location. $ monero-wallet-cli --generate-from-view-key viewonlywallet1 This is the command line monero wallet. It needs to connect to a monero daemon to work correctly. WARNING: Do not reuse your Monero keys on another fork, UNLESS this fork has key reuse mitigations built in. Doing so will harm your privacy. Monero 'Oxygen Orion' (v0.17.1.9-release) Logging to monero-wallet-cli.log Standard address. Remote node hostname/IP: Port: 17600. Click next, then create wallet. Go to Settings -> Node and mark it as a Trusted Daemon. You're set! The next time you boot Tails go to your wallet folder and double click on start-daemon.AppImage, then start the GUI by by double clicking on monero-wallet-gui.AppImage

Connect the Monero wallet system to the internal network interface of the Monero daemon. Configure a static ip address in the range on the wallet system. Example: with netmask 255.255.255.. You don't need to set a dns server, default gateway or route. Open the Monero wallet and point it to the ip address of the internal interface of the Monero daemon. This. sanity_check_failed: bool reason: string credits: ulong top_block_hash: string max_used_block_hash: string signatures: string[] Monero Daemon Types 2/3 MoneroKeyImage hex: string signature: string MoneroDaemonConnectionSpan connection_id: string num_blocks: ulong remote_address: string rate: ulong speed: ulong size: ulong start_block_height: ulon torsocks ./monero-wallet-cli --daemon-host 2fgjjj4lcsewduyb.onion:18081 or if you want to use GUI, make sure you add your .onion address in the gui -> settings -> remote node torsocks ./monero. As an additional security measure, the Monero GUI wallet asks you to connect to a 'Daemon' - a technical term for a program that runs in the background and syncs your wallet to the Monero network so you can send and receive transactions. When we have more updates on how to store Monero offline, we will let you know

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Connects you to Monero network¶ The Monero daemon monerod keeps your computer synced up with the Monero network. It downloads and validates the blockchain from the p2p network. Not aware of your private keys¶ monerod is entirely decoupled from your wallet. monerod does not access your private keys - it is not aware of your transactions and balance. This allows you to run monerod on a. So if you run the Monero official wallet on your computer, you can be a node! It will download the whole blockchain (which is the list of all past transactions) and connect to the internet and. Start the monero-wallet-gui and select the language when prompted. On the next screen, click Restore wallet from keys or mnemonic seed. Type in your wallet name and the mnemonic seed from your paper backup. Next, create a new password (optional but recommended) and go to the next step which shows you the wallet's summary You can also connect to your own server under Preferences. But wait, there's more MyMonero has built-in support for exchanging XMR to BTC, with dozens of additional currency pairs on the way soon. Display in familiar world currencies like USD while transacting with Monero under-the-hood. Minimal battery, bandwidth, and storage use Perfect for mobile! Never fret about losing your transaction.

Hi all. If you value your privacy and are looking to have your own full remote Monero node without relying on others this guide will help you accomplish that. This guide is based on the latest Ubuntu/Debian Linux. Requirements. Ubuntu/Debian Server/VPS 75GB+ hdd the more the better as blockchain will grow over time. 1GB+ ram [ После недавнего обновления Монеро несколько пользователей сообщили, что они были неспособны получить доступ к их Monero GUI кошельку

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  1. Install monerod systemd script⌗. Installing monerod via a systemd script allows Monero to start automatically on boot, restart on any crash, and log to a given file.. Choose the proper configuration file depending on if you want to run a full node or a pruned node and whether you want to advertise your public restricted RPC node to allow other users to sync their wallets using your node or not
  2. Cake Wallet which is owned and operated by Cake Technologies LLC was the first open source Monero wallet on IOS in 2018. As of January 2020, it is available for Android as well. Since February 2021 we support BTC (Electrum) wallet. Cake Technologies' goal is to bring crypto to the masses through a simple intuitive UI/UX for beginners yet.
  3. monero-wallet-cli.exe monero-wallet-gui.exe monero-wallet-rpc.exe monerod.exe. I tried monero-wallet-gui.exe and it fails and a popup shows this error: The program can't start because api-ms-win-core-heap-l2-1-.dll is missing I found KB2999226 from MS website, that KB apparently contains api-ms-win-core-heap-l2-1-.dl
  4. With the rise of cryptocurrencies, financial privacy has become a hot topic. Monero is currently the best in the field thanks to the fairly big anonymity set, mandatory privacy for all transactions, ring signatures, Ring CT, stealth addresses, and the future Kovri anonymization network. Although Monero developers have mitigated most, if not all, privacy risks associated with connecting your.

So it is clear Firefox attempts to connect to D-BUS daemon and fails as dbus-launch gets terminated abnormally. dbus-launch. dbus-launch is basically the utility to start a message bus by firefox through a shell script. It would normally be called from a user's scripts. dbus-launch launches a session bus instance and print the address and pid of that instance to standard output. You can. Welcome to MyMonero! Let's get started. Use existing wallet Create new wallet. Home: Privacy: Terms: Suppor

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Monero daemon slow zcash use not showing up on minergate. You can use a public node with your aeon wallet. I use the Abra app. You will receive 3 books: Finally, Monero has become an extremely popular coin in and of. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Katimand on November 04, Even so, there very free erc20 difference between ico and coin information. For example, if you, as an end-user, want to acquire monero and have bitcoin, you'll launch a swap client that connects to a swap daemon, and connects to a counterparty that has monero and is looking to trade them for bitcoin at an agreed upon price. The swap client will give you an address where to move your bitcoin and, at the end of the swap, the swap client will display the monero key-pair. You can skip running monerod by using a remote node with monero-wallet-rpc by adding --daemon-address node.moneroworld.com:18089 to the monero-wallet-rpc.service file. Note on security: using this option, while the most secure, requires you to run the Monero wallet RPC program on your server. Best practice for this is to use a view-only wallet since otherwise your server would be running a hot. Configure and troubleshoot the Docker daemon. Estimated reading time: 11 minutes. After successfully installing and starting Docker, the dockerd daemon runs with its default configuration. This topic shows how to customize the configuration, start the daemon manually, and troubleshoot and debug the daemon if you run into issues

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XMRWallet is an open-source, free monero wallet which allows you to send and receive Monero instantly on the blockchain. All while remaining in control of your coins & your keys. When you generate a new wallet, , send or receive Monero, everything happens locally in your browser. Your seed is never transmitted, received or stored nervad is the NERVA daemon. This is your node, your connection to the NERVA network. nervad manages your network connections, the blockchain and is the software you can use to mine. nerva-wallet-cli is the wallet program for NERVA. nerva-wallet-cli manages your balances, accounts and transfers of funds. In order to make use of the wallet, nervad must also be running. There are other programs. $ ./monero-wallet-cli Creating the logger system Monero 'Wolfram Warptangent' (v0.10..-release) Logging at log level 0 to /tmp/./monero-wallet-cli.log Specify wallet file name (e.g., MyWallet). If the wallet doesn't exist, it will be created. Wallet file name: mymonerowallet . Un mot de passe vous est ensuite demandé ainsi que la langue à utiliser : password: ***** password: ***** List of. The bootstrap-daemon-address option will transparently sync Monero wallets with a remote daemon while the local daemon is still busy with its initial blockchain sync. This option has some privacy and security trade-offs. Which is why we recommend to only use this with friends and family and to connect via a Tor onion service, I2P service or something better

MoneroV's source code, including the MoneroV GUI wallet, the MoneroV daemon and all other dependencies on our Github account are published publicly for the community to audit and contribute. XMR holders are be able to extract their XMV's anytime in the future using credentials of an empty Monero wallet that had XMR at the time of the snapshot Download the Monero wallet for your platform. Extract the package you've just downloaded. Open the monero-gui-v0.14 folder. (optional) Move the monero-wallet-gui file to your applications folder. Launch the Monero wallet by opening monero-wallet-gui. On Windows: Click Allow access so the firewall does not block the Monero wallet. Choose your. Rich Wallet. Finally you want to make your feet wet: Enough reading about the wonderful new world of cryptocurrencies, it's time for action. So you choose a currency, download its software, and create a new wallet, because you understand that's the thing you need to hold and later spend your coins Monero wallet Secure your (XMR) assets. Secure your Monero assets with the most trusted hardware wallet. Cold storage wallets are typically encrypted devices that store users' Monero assets offline, providing a layer of security against the evolving threats emerging from being connected to the Internet monero-wallet-rpc now has a daemon mode; Cryptonight variant 2; Travis build bot ; Fixes for --generate-from-json using the wrong wallet filename; Build fixes for s390x, ARM, Android, Windows, Docker, FreeBSD; Easier output splitting using sweep_* commands; The blockchain db now stores prunable and unprunable data separately; Keccak fix for big endian platforms; New wallet creation height fix.

wallet: do not display daemon controlled text if untrusted. release-v0.5.. moneromooo-monero 2 years ago. committed by wowario <wowario@protonmail.com>. parent. 3c561f3bfc. commit. 816c223a05. Signed by: wowario <wowario@protonmail.com> GPG Key ID: 24DCBE762DE9C111 The wallet address was cut at the end. - user1612540 Nov 13 '17 at 18:43 please post how you fixed it as an answer so the question doesn't remain unanswered :) - MeshCollider ♦ Nov 13 '17 at 22:3 ./monero-wallet-cli --daemon-address monero-stagenet.exan.tech:38081 --stagenet--daemon-host <arg> Use monerod instance at host <arg> instead of localhost.--daemon-port <arg> Use monerod instance at port <arg> instead of 18081.--daemon- <arg> Specify username[:password] for monerod RPC API. It is based on HTTP Basic Auth. Mind that connections are by default unencrypted. Authentication. Choose an option for the Daemon settings: Monero is private. Barney Chambers 7. Ask Question. Monero Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. I had to delete the contents of. I can check the service status through Linux command or connect to the node with a wallet. The roger ver first invested in bitcoin date bitcoin meaning in tagalog spend key is required to spend the XMR in the. Monero Mining Guide Getting Started. Mining monero has never been easier, so get started today Step 1: Get yourself a Monero address to mine to! We recommend using the Official GUI Wallet if you don't yet have a Monero wallet Step 2: Download a miner which you want to use. Monero can currently be mined on CPUs, and on NVIDIA and AMD GPUs

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Shrew Soft VPN: Failed to attach to key daemon - Fehler beheben. Der Fehler kommt oftmals zustande, wenn die Dienste ShrewSoft DNS Proxy Daemon, ShrewSoft IKE Daemon und ShrewSoft IPSEC Daemon nicht gestartet sind. Öffnen Sie durch gleichzeitiges Drücken von [Strg], [⇧] und [Esc] den Task-Manager . Navigieren Sie hier zum Tab. They should look like this: If this still doesn't work for you reboot. Make sure that they are started. Try again. If not un-install the client. Download and run CCleaner. Make sure to remove all orphaned registry entries. Re-run the latest build of Shrew Soft VPN. Let me know if this helps you

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In this guide, I will share the steps to open Monero wallet online. If you are comfortable with the paper wallet (which is more secure), head to this address & generate your Monero paper wallet address. For cold storage, refer to this guide. Note: In the second guide I will show you how to buy Monero. Now, moving on the online wallet generation. However, using a Monero pool means that you're responsible for maintaining the hardware, internet connection and paying electricity bills. Note that choosing a reputable pool is ideal because while you may be providing your hash power to a pool, a disreputable pool may fail to maintain its connection to the Monero blockchain. Monero Cloud Minin Monero GUI wallet is available for Windows, Mac, Linux as of now. Download Monero GUI Wallets #8. Monero Offline Wallet (Paper Wallet) If you like paper wallets, the Monero Offline wallet generator is for you. Using Monero offline generator, you can create easy-to-use Monero paper wallets which will have a pair of private and seed keys printed. You also get the view and secret keys with that. Same project on my local machine ( Windows) with same change: > gradlew build > Task :backend:compileKotlin Could not perform incremental compilation: Could not connect to Kotlin compile daemon Could not connect to kotlin daemon. Using fallback strategy. warning: the '-d' option with a directory destination is ignored because '-Xbuild-file' is.

Hola, recientemente me he descargado para mi sistema operativo de windows de 64 bits, de la pagina web get monero. En dicha pagina Monero: titles.downloads Opto por la version de 64 bits, la version Lithium Luna, y al inicial el modo consola la wallet, la creo y me da su codigo y.. Allows the Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets WordPress plugin to Connect to a Monero wallet, or to any other Monero forks. The Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets free WordPress plugin by default lets you connect a Bitcoin wallet daemon with your WordPress Read more. Fiat Coin Adapter extension. With this coin adapter for fiat currencies, an admin can manually insert offline fiat transactions on behalf. The Monero GUI Desktop Wallet is a full node wallet: this means that the users of the wallet have to download the complete Monero Blockchain (70 GB) and synchronize it continuously. For this, the wallet uses a daemon (i.e. a program) that runs permanently in the background to synchronize the wallet with the network Daemon not running check failed for process avahi... PRVG-11850 : The system call connect failed with... How to remove Oracle Grid Infrastructure, CRS and. The Monero RandomX pool has been launched. To start using RagerX, you'll need an invite code, and we will be letting the first 100 miners who request an invite code into the beta. The beta will run for about a week until we open the pool up public registration. To get an invite code, hop into our Telegram chat https://t.me/ragerxlol and ask to be let in

Add wallet. Next, save the tag (WALLET:MPH) with the value of your username on MiningPoolHub in the wallets section of the address editor. You can find your MiningPoolHub username on edit account page. Worker's config. In the next step, navigate to your worker's config. Select the default mining client for mining Ethash algorithm Symptoms. ASM instance reports ORA-29780 when connecting to the GPNP process running on the cluste side. [USER (28767)]CRS-2317:Fatal error: cannot get local GPnP security keys (wallet). [USER (28767)]CRS-2316:Fatal error: cannot initialize GPnP, CLSGPNP_ERR (Generic GPnP error) Failed to connect to Storage daemon LTO-4. status storage=File Failed to connect to Storage daemon File. ¶.

Monero (XMR) has climbed to the number 10 position in terms of market capitalization because cryptocurrency users appreciate the privacy features that come with the use of Monero. Along with the growth in popularity of Monero, the number of wallets that support this privacy-centric coin have also increased. This makes it more difficult to decide which wallet is best for storing your Monero. Since the blockchain handling and the wallet are separate programs, many uses of monero-wallet-cli need to work with the daemon. This includes looking for incoming transactions to your address. Once you are running both monero-wallet-cli and monerod, enter balance. Example: This will pull blocks from the daemon the wallet did not yet see, and. Follow me on twitch!Monero is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin and in this blogpost we're going to have a look at how to mine some Monero through a command line based miner on Linux. In contrast to Bitcoin and Ethereum a strong mining GPU is not impacting the payoffs as much since the cryptonight algorithm Continue reading How To Mine Monero (XMR) with your CPU on Linu Monero daemon and web UI automatically updated via docker hub; Hardware. Rock64: Powerful 64 bit ARM processor with at least 2GB RAM + SSD ; Raspberry Pi 4 with at least 2GB RAM +SSD; Software. Monerobox is designed to be easy to use and friendly to beginners. Monitoring and Administration can be done with web UI accessed on a mobile phone. Users are recommended to use monerobox as a remote. Monero GUI syncing stuck with Ledger. This is about the Monero desktop GUI, but probably also applies to Monerujo. If you're trying to sync the blockchain with your Ledger device, you might be getting the conflicting messages of Waiting for daemon to sync and Daemon is synchronized, which then just stays there forever and doesn't move

-Create multiple accounts within wallets (for Monero)-Address Book to save various crypto addresses-Restore existing wallets using seed or private keys-Restore wallets from blockheight or date -Backup/Restore app to iCloud and other locations-Rescan wallet-Supports the MyMonero 13 word seed to restore your wallets-Adjustable transaction speeds-Choose and save your daemon/node-Connects directly. When you download the blockchain, you can directly interface with the network; you don't have to connect through a third party. Of course, the downside to this is that downloading the blockchain can take days. By running a full node, you help to decentralize Monero. The more copies of the Monero blockchain are stored around the world, the more secure the network. At first glance, the wallet. failed to dial gRPC: cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is 'docker daemon' running on this host?: dial tcp 172.17..3:2375: connect: connection refused Is 'docker daemon' running on this host?: dial tcp 172.17..3:2375: connect: connection refuse

Monero 10 XMR Physical Monero Wallet – Lynx Art CollectionMonero Wallet QuickstartMonero GUI on Linux Mint - how to open wallet file from aCryptocurrency - WikipediaMonero Wallet - Android Apps on Google PlayHow to mine Monero | CryptoCompare

docker启动:Got permission denied while trying to connect to the Docker daemon 权限问题: 1.查看所有用户组与用户 vim /etc/group /etc/group 的内容包括用户组(Group)、用户组口令、GID及该用户组所包含的用户(User),每个用户组一条记录;格式如下: group_name.. 1. SSHD Daemon not running. It is possible that SSHD daemon on your remote server is not running. For SSH to work there is a daemon that works behind the scene and it is called SSHD. If this daemon is not running your server will not be able to accept SSH incoming connections. Check if this service is running or not: systemctl status ssh Monero ist in den letzten 24 Stunden um 0.95% angestiegen. Das aktuelle CoinMarketCap-Ranking ist #25, mit einer Marktkapitalisierung von €NaN EUR. Es verfügt über ein zirkulierendes Angebot von 17,935,282 XMR Coins und der Maximalvorrat ist nicht verfügbar. Die Top-Börsen für den Handel mit Monero sind derzeit Binance, OKEx, Huobi. the problem is your Mongodb service is stopped. So do the following steps: 1) cntrl-alt-del and open your task manager 2) click on 'services' 3) scroll down to MongoDB 4) right click and hit 'start' (or 'restart') go back to your mongo.exe file and your mongo shell should work now. Share

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