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VICE News' senior reporter Keegan Hamilton travels to Michoacán, where Mexico's modern drug war began and continues to rage Spotify and Vice News Launch 'Painkiller: America's Fentanyl Crisis' Podcast (Exclusive) Spotify is launching a new podcast June 29, tracking the chain of the opioid fentanyl from production.

VICE News Reports: Mexico's Endless War with Drug Cartel

  1. People are always going to use drugs, so I guess we should know how to take them. You might have seen VICE UK's Safe Sesh series this year, exploring exactly that. Over the next 10 episodes of this podcast we're going to be interrogating this further with the help of your personal experiences and the opinions of the UK's leading drug experts
  2. • Listen to Chapo: Kingpin on Trial, a podcast from the makers of Painkiller. • A VICE News video documented the rise of black tar heroin in Mexico. • VICE News reported about the deaths of Prince and Tom Petty, who died by ingesting counterfeit painkillers containing fentanyl. If you're struggling with drug misuse and want to get help, call SAMHSA's National Helpline - 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or visit FindTreatment.go
  3. Watch the VICE feature on Fentanyl: The Drug Deadlier than Heroin: http://bit.ly/2aB2EadFor more episodes of Hamilton's Pharmacopeia, click here: http://bit...
  4. CYBER is Motherboard's podcast and reporting on the dark underbelly of the internet. A scammer used a fake court order to convince a domain registrar to transfer ownership of a domain that lists.
  5. Taylor Nicole Dean is queen of PetTube, a YouTube niche for bloggers with dozens of pets. But after disappearing for a few months, she finally came back with..
  6. VICE's website, TV channel, social channels and podcasts enlighten, entertain, and empower young people across the globe. Visit Site. Visit Site . Original reporting and storytelling for an engaged and curious audience by exploring and investigating the world. Visit Site. The definitive destination for the emerging people, scenes, and stories that drive music and culture. Visit Site. Exploring.

Spotify and Vice News Launch 'Painkiller: America's

Wie dacht dat je enkel drugs kan kopen via de duistere krochten van het dark web, geheime nummertjes of achteraf straten heeft het mis. Dealers prijzen hun waar 'gewoon' aan op Instagram en Snapchat en een bestelling is slechts een DM van je vandaan. 1. In de nieuwe aflevering van 'High Society' duikt Vice-presentatrice Tir Dhondy in de wereld van drugs op social media In 2015, Vice México published a story about Mexican narcotics branding that noted how the writer had collected drug baggies after buying coke from the notorious Los Zetas cartel. Sometimes. 10/3 podcast: How former Vice editor ended up recruiting network of drug mules Back to video. A former high-profile Vice Media music editor who recruited young musicians, models and a former Vice. Ever wondered what really underpins international drug policy? Or how you get out the way of a samurai sword being wielded by a drug dealer? Whistleblowing e..

GHB can make you happy and horny with no comedown but a millilitre too much can put you in a coma, or be fatal. And whilst you're more likely to have heard a.. Ten years ago, specialty accounted for 15% to 20% of the money spent on drugs, according to Prem Shah, executive vice president of specialty pharmacy and product innovation at CVS Health. But the CVS Caremark 2020 Drug Trend Report shows that specialty drugs accounted for more than half (52%) of the pharmacy spend last year. The 2020 drug trend report from Evernorth (the new Cigna entity that Express Scripts is now part of) also showed that the spend on specialty drugs edged ahead. VICE News Senior Reporter Keegan Hamilton travels to Michoacán where Mexico's modern drug war began and continues to rage. To understand the effects of a seemingly endless cycle of crackdown, cartel re-alignment and civilians being displaced, Keegan tells the story of the right now in this region with unprecedented access to various sides of the war -- including the dominant Jalisco New Generation Cartel led by the DEA's Most Wanted cartel boss El Mencho. Produced by VICE News' Miguel. On each episode, our experts will answer a question from You, our listeners. Hear from America's Drug Czar, Director Jim Carroll; Secretary Ben Carson. Celebrate the victory of Xing the Xwaiver. Take Action by Implementing automatic and universal Fentanyl Testing at your hospitals, and Protecting the developing brain

Anom the subscription based network operated by the feds, was used as the ultimate spy tool that gave an almost godlike view of organized crime to FBI agents who watched users discuss murder, drug deals, and millions of dollars worth of criminal activity. And it all came to a screeching halt this week when a coordinated law enforcement effort around the world took down its customer base The Dark Web has been around for as long as the internet has existed, but most people still don't know what it actually is. From easily obtained illicit drugs to rumors of cannibalism and human trafficking, it's been difficult for the average person to separate fact from fiction. On this week's Cyber, we've invited VP of Research at Terbium Labs and Dark Web expert Emily Wilson to talk us through what the Dark Web actually is, a few of its most infamous websites, and how it's a part of more.

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Podcasts. Business Podcast; Partner Sites. Top1000; AstraZeneca breast cancer drug reduces recurrence rates, data shows Lynparza may be effective medication for patients with BRCA genetic mutation. This week, ICER launched a new podcast series: A Prescription for Fair Drug Pricing.. In the series, neurologist Dr. Jason Crowell sits down with ICER's President Dr. Steve Pearson to pry open the black box of US drug pricing and to wrestle with each of the financial and ethical tensions that undergird our current medical infrastructure Wapner wrote an article about DNP for The Daily Beast, entitled The Deadly Internet Diet Drug That Cooks People Alive. Soon after, Elle Fanning was sent the article. The actor had.

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Dopey is an American self-help and comedy podcast about personal experiences of substance use disorders and addiction. The show is anonymously hosted by Dave, a person recovering from substance use disorder, based in New York City, and was formerly co-hosted by Chris, a fellow person in recovery and graduate student from Boston, Massachusetts. Dave has described the show as being about drugs. VICE News' senior reporter Keegan Hamilton travels to Michoacán, where Mexico's modern drug war began and continues to rage. To understand the effects of a seemingly endless cycle of police. Everything with the topic 'Drugs' on VICE. The Ups and Downs of Dealing Drugs Throughout Lockdown. VICE News spoke to a drug gang about the challenges they have faced since mid-March, including. • Listen to Chapo: Kingpin on Trial, a podcast from the makers of Painkiller. • A VICE News video documented the rise of black tar heroin in Mexico. • VICE News reported about the deaths of Prince and Tom Petty, who died by ingesting counterfeit painkillers containing fentanyl. If you're struggling with drug misuse and want to get help. podcast_yeah-but-its-not-as-simple-a_can-you-ever-take-drugs-comple_1000376816376_itemimage.pn

In this week's podcast we spoke to a group of 15 and 16-year-olds about sexting, racism, sliding into DMs and what they think about their futures. VICE Staff 12.6.1 Listen to this episode from Henry's Uncle: A podcast about Addiction and Recovery on Spotify. Episode 13 - Det. Derry has been apart of the Portland Police Bureau for over 20 years, and for the last 10 years, has worked in the Drugs & Vice Division. Det. Derry talks about what the drugs and vice division does, the current drug landscape in Portland, OR, and the last time they seized a real. Secret recording of drug smuggling sales pitch by a Vice editor to former intern sinks huge cocaine plot ; Former Vice Media editor tearfully apologizes in court but dishes swagger on social medi

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Breadcrumb Trail Links. News; Canada; How a former editor allegedly used Vice Canada to recruit drug mules for a global smuggling ring . Three current or former Vice journalists told the Post that. Mark Whittaker is Senior Vice President Drug Discovery at Evotec where he manages a large drug discovery collaboration and the groups of computational chemistry and structural biology. 03 December 2009. The Ubiquitin Story. In this podcast interview with Drug Discovery Today, Nobel Prize winner Professor Aaron Ciechanover will talk about his career, his Nobel Prize-winning discovery of the UPS. The Drugs and Vice Division does not target drug users, drug abusers, or small possession amounts. An example, last year in 2018 the Drugs and Vice Division, along with our regional and federal partners, targeted a drug trafficking organization and we seized over 15 kilograms of heroin, three kilos of methamphetamine, and about $18,000 in cash. And this was a group working here locally in. Drug Information Association: The Global Network for Health Care Product Development Knowledg The country's most infamous drug trafficker has been the source of a number of TV series, documentaries, and now, as he stands trial in Brooklyn, he's the subject of VICE News' first podcast.

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  1. Erika Sward of American Lung Association Reveals the Dangers of Vaping and IQOS. Michelle Llamas / August 31, 2020. On this episode of the Drugwatch Podcast, our guest is American Lung Association's Assistant Vice President of National Advocacy, Erika Sward. Sward previously contributed to Drugwatch's feature on How Juul
  2. Denise Giambalvo, Vice President of Midwest Business Group on Health (MBGH), manages the group's membership retention activities, member communications, and finances. In this episode, she discusses how her team is helping employers make informed decisions on healthcare strategy, address common health issues in the workplace and embrace the emergence of precision medicine
  3. 0:00 / 1:17. Live. •. High Truths is more than a podcast. It is a movement to unite medical health, mental health and addiction health. It brings innovations to connect public health, public safety and prevention. We will have discussions that will inspire people to implement programs that save lives

Ivory Coast's acting prime minister, Hamed Bakayoko, said he's suing the publishers and reporters of a series of Vice.com articles alleging he's involved in cocaine trafficking Listen: 'Vice' Director Adam McKay Says Power Is 'the Biggest Drug There Is'. PLAYBACK is a Variety / iHeartRadio podcast bringing you conversations with the talents behind many of today.

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America's War on Drugs is an immersive trip through the last five decades, uncovering how the CIA, obsessed with keeping America safe in the fight against communism, allied itself with the. A podcast for healthcare professionals seeking solutions to today's and tomorrow's top challenges. Hosted by the editors of Xtelligent Healthcare Media, this podcast series focuses on real-world use cases that are leading to tangible improvements in care quality, outcomes, and cost. Guests from leading provider, payer, government, and other organizations share their approaches to transforming. David Choe (born April 21, 1976) is an American artist, musician, and former journalist and podcast host from Los Angeles.Choe's work appears in a wide variety of urban culture and entertainment contexts. He has illustrated and written for magazines including Hustler, Ray Gun and Vice.He has an ongoing relationship with the Asian pop culture store-cum-magazine Giant Robot

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Philippine vice president brands Duterte's drug war a failure. Leni Robredo said only 1 percent of the estimated supply of methamphetamine has been seized in the last three years Vice President Leni Robredo, who leads the opposition, also called for a stop to the dreaded police practice of home inspections that have led only to the killings of petty drug suspects There are a lot of people pushing me to run for vice president. It is a good idea, particularly if we talk about the drug problem, Duterte said in a speech Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said on Wednesday that a run for vice president in next year's elections was a good idea because he has unfinished business, including solving the country's drug problem. Duterte, who is barred by the constitution from seeking re-election, will end his six-year term in June 2022, but his party was encouraging him to run again for office, as vice president. Supreme Court: First Step Act snubs some drug offenders. The unanimous ruling rejects the Biden administration's interpretation of the sentencing reform law. The high court said the law was.

The Whole View Podcast is co-hosted by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, PhD of ThePaleoMom.com and Stacy Toth of RealEverything.com. Matthew McCarry (the other half of RealEverything.com) produces the podcast. Our team members also help with various aspects of production, like the creation of these Show Notes and shareable graphics. Welcome to episode 451 of The Whole View! This week, Stacy and Sarah. Patients Rising brings its unique and established brand of patient advocacy to a weekly podcast, featuring honest and helpful discussion about issues impacting those with chronic illness. Executive Director Terry Wilcox hosts the show, with Robert Dr. Bob Goldberg, Co-Founder and Vice President of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest Check out this great listen on Audible.com. If you like The VICE Guide To Right Now, we think you'll also really enjoy VICE News' first ever podcast, Chapo. As Sinaloa cartel leader Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán goes on trial, VICE News explores his high-stakes ca.. How to Efficiently Discover Drugs with Ron Alfa, Senior Vice President, Translational Discovery at Recursion Pharmaceuticals. March 21, 2019 . Listen on your favorite player Take me to this show's page. Next → Make Your EMR Work For You with G.T. LaBorde, Chief Executive Officer at IllumiCare ← Previous . Epigenetics: Optimizing Your Healthspan with Tracy Gapin, Founder, Sarasota.

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Drugs, drinks and cigarettes are most affordable in Luxembourg. In Japan, New Zealand and Australia vice basket tops $1,000. Bloomberg's Vice Index Lists Cheapest Place to Buy Booze, Cigarettes. 'Are you afraid?': Philippines' Robredo defiant over drugs war. Vice president says she remains determined to stop drug killings after Duterte sacked her from key post after 19 days

Vice President Biden lays out his plan to reduce patient costs and address high drug prices in his campaign proposal and in recommendations by the campaign's Unity Task Force. Biden's proposals focus on reducing launch prices of new drugs, lowering prices of existing drugs, and alleviating patients' out-of-pocket costs. These proposals extend beyond Medicare to include prices in a new. Inside The Drug War: The Miami Vice Years w/ David Bolton, Jim Shedd, and Tom Raffanello By JS. From Medellín to Mexico; Panama to Bogotá; and Sinaloa to South Miami, in the 1980's, the South American drug trade began its assault on the shores of the USA. It brought money, violence, and really bad bad-guys. Enter the DEA, a force of highly skilled and seasoned law enforcement officers with.

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That drug had sat on the shelf for years, but last spring, the scientists decided to modify its structure so that it would work against the new coronavirus's protease. More than 200 Pfizer. Peter Vincer, the man behind the hype house and the CEO of HiStudios, gave me a lofty spiel ahead of the company's launch in August 2019. He envisioned a global podcast network with influencers. Drug war blues and Miami hues made a hit combo. It wasn't until 1984, when NBC unveiled a little series called Miami Vice, that TV's war on drugs got a serious makeover.. Oscar-nominated director Michael Mann, who served as executive producer of Miami Vice, said the iconic show's premise was inspired by forfeiture laws allowing police to use any assets seized in drug arrests White Coat Waste Project recently released an analysis of nearly 200 new drug applications submitted to the FDA between 2000 and 2020 to describe the impact of animal modeling. Meagan Parrish interviews the group's vice president of advocacy and public policy, Justin Goodman, about the organization's efforts to change animal testing mandates Former Vice Media editor Yaroslav Pastukhov. Photo by File Article content. When Yaroslav Pastukhov, a Vice Media editor in Toronto at the time, gave a clandestine briefing to two drug mules.

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  1. VICE documentary shows new frontier in drug pricing debate: DIY drugs. VICE correspondent Hamilton Morris writes out the molecular structure of the pharmaceutical drug Daraprim. From the.
  2. I am VICE News reporter Keegan Hamilton and I have been covering the El Chapo trial and the rise of the drug lord on our podcast Chapo: Kingpin on Trial. Ask me anything. AMA Finished. I'm Keegan Hamilton and I'm the co-host of a VICE News podcast called Chapo: Kingpin on Trial. It's about the world's most infamous drug trafficker and the people across Mexico and the US who have been.
  3. I'm Shane Smith, co-founder of magazine-turned-global media empire VICE. Recently I went to Juarez, Mexico where the drug cartels are at war with a group of polygamous Mormons, some of whom are related to Mitt Romney. I thought you guys might be interested in what I saw. Ask me anything about the conflict, Romney's Mexican Mormon family, myself.
  4. THE GLOBAL TIMES IS A VICE PIT OF DRUGS AND ORGIES. Recently, New Australian Bulletin received a communication from a Taiwanese activist evading the thrall of the Chinese Communist Party. She had scandalous information to share about the culture of blatant degeneracy, lies, and anti-Western mania running hog wild in the Global Times offices

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Singapore's last big heroin haul was in 2001, when the authorities found nearly 35 kilograms of smack, according to The Straits Times. In 1996, Singapore seized 33.4 kilograms of cannabis. The authorities did not explain how they were able to track down the suspect, who allegedly had four bundles of weed on him when he was nabbed in Choa Chu. Affording and Accessing Our Medicines. We are committed to helping patients find the resources they need to start and stay on their Janssen medicines during the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit Janssen CarePath to learn how we're continuing to help patients in the U.S. afford and access our medicines. Backed by the size and reach of Johnson & Johnson. Timeline: America's War on Drugs. President Richard Nixon officially declared a war on drugs in 1971, two years after calling for the creation of a national drug policy. Jimmy Carter campaigned.

Vice crimes offend the sensibilities, yet are often victimless and harmless, other than harm done to the defendant or society in general.Section 12.3.1 Drug Crimes explores drug crimes, including manufacture or cultivation, possession, sale, and under the influence offenses. Upcoming sections analyze prostitution, pimping, and pandering As Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Dean leads a team of experienced professionals offering complex drug delivery systems solutions to pharmaceutical and biopharma customers, supporting new and existing business. Dean has more than 23 years of experience in a variety of finance, sales, and business development leadership roles. Dean graduated from the University of Texas. Osterholm Update: COVID-19 Episode 57: Reading the Pitch May 27, 2021. In this episode, Dr. Osterholm and host Chris Dall discuss what global activity might look like moving forward, the latest on the B1617.2 variant, hosting the Olympics during a pandemic, and the importance of monitoring and investigating breakthrough infections The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted a seal of approval to Wegovy (semaglutide), Novo Nordisk's injectable treatment (2.4 mg once a week) intended for chronic weight management in adults with obesity or that are overweight, with at least one weight-related condition (i.e. high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes or high cholesterol

The Saudi Food & drug Authority (SFDA) won the silver medal of King Abdul Aziz Quality Award ( All News . All Events . 2021-06-28-2021-06-28. Pharmacovigilance and risk communication in Saudi Arabia . Work Shop Link Remotely : Click Here . 2021-06-17-2021-06-17. Pharmacovigilance and risk communication in Saudi Arabia . Work Shop Link Remotely : Click Here . 2021-06-10-2021-06-10. Why Are U.S. Prescription Drug Prices So High? Producer: Sandy Hausman This is New Directions in Healthcare, the Commonwealth Fund's podcast. In this edition we look at why prices for some prescription drugs are so high in the United States. One patient advocate who is working to bring prices down is 67-year-old David Mitchell of th

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The Vice: Created by Barry Simner, Rob Pursey. With Caroline Catz, David Harewood, Ken Stott, Rosie Marcel. Veteran Detective Inspector Pat Chappel (Ken Stott) heads up the Metropolitan vice squad as he and his team investigate prostitution and pornography in the London sex trade In a discussion on his brand new podcast Whimsically Volatile, Brian McCook, Katya’s real name, said that after a relapse in Australia and a “total psychotic break,†he admitted.

Drug spending in the United States is at an all-time high and still rising. Studies have repeatedly shown that the U.S. pays far more for the same prescription drugs than other high- and middle-income countries.Patients in the U.S. are more likely to report that they can't afford their medications; half of all of adults with lower incomes go without care because of cost The Jordan B Peterson Podcast (archive below) features audio versions of some of the most popular and compelling of Dr. Peterson's YouTube videos, interviews with some of the world's most compelling thinkers (Camille Paglia, Steven Pinker, Jonathan Haidt, Sam Harris, General Stanley McChrystal, Iain McGilchrist, Joe Rogan, Ben Shapiro, among many others), lectures from the 12 Rules for. Drug Discovery Today is a review journal, published as monthly 12 double issues. The journal covers the whole of the preclinical drug discovery process, from target identification and validation, through hit identification, lead identification and optimisation, though to candidate selection. The reviews are at the cutting edge of the science underpinning drug discovery, written by experts in. Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo has long been a critic of President Rodrigo Duterte's bloody drug war. Now she is leading it—with plans to make it far more accountable In Conversation with MJFF Board Member Jeff Keefer — Off Time, New PD Drugs and Research (Ask the MD Podcast) September 23, 2020 ${selected} Download; Movement disorder specialist and MJFF Vice President of Medical Communications Rachel Dolhun, MD, sat with MJFF Board Vice Chairman Jeff Keefer, diagnosed with PD in 2007, to hear his thoughts on new treatments he's been using to.

Drug Policy Facts Podcast for March 21, 2017. 3/21/2017 This week: My complete interview with harm reduction pioneer and legendary drug policy reform advocate Doctor Alex Wodak, plus a message from Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo about the violent campaign Drug Policy Facts Podcast for March 10, 2017. 3/10/2017 Students for Sensible Drug Policy holds its 2017 international conference. STAT. A mazon's objectives for its nascent pharmacy business are straightforward: better selection, better convenience, and better prices, according to TJ Parker, the vice president of.

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Coadministration of drugs should be done with caution, because drug-drug interactions can cause serious adverse effects. Being cognizant of relevant pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacogenetics aspects of a variety of drugs, including analgesics, can reduce such effects UK universities are institutionally racist and must do more to support students of colour, a leading vice-chancellor has said. Prof David Richardson, chair of Universities UK's advisory group on.

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Top Cancer Doctor, Forced Out Over Ties to Drug Makers, Joins Their Ranks. AstraZeneca has hired Dr. José Baselga, the former chief medical officer at Memorial Sloan Kettering, to lead its cancer. Director, Medical Affairs, Medical Information & Scientific Communication, HEMA Biologics, LLC. DIA is a very unique opportunity for me to both express my opinions and listen to the opinions of my colleagues across regulatory, industry and academia. We all get together to discuss important topics very openly and freely Podcast Listen 50 min. Press Play with Madeleine Brand. Michelin-starred chef Josiah Citrin on losing his son to a drug overdose. Jun. 03, 2021 Food & Drink. Listen 50 min MORE. Vice: Directed by Adam McKay. With Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Steve Carell, Sam Rockwell. The story of Dick Cheney, an unassuming bureaucratic Washington insider, who quietly wielded immense power as Vice President to George W. Bush, reshaping the country and the globe in ways that we still feel today

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In part one of this bonus two part podcast series dedicated to the science and psychology of sunscreen use, AAD Vice President Elect Neal Bhatia, MD joins host Adam Friedman, MD to slather on some practical approaches to communicating sunscreen science and real world use Advertisement. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday removed the vice president from a lead role in his anti-drug crackdown just a few weeks after she accepted the post and vowed to make. Why Separating Prescription Drug Benefits Does Not Reduce Costs Highmark, Inc. recently verified its integrated pharmacy, medical benefits program is reducing costs, Sarah Marche of Highmark shared in a recent episode of Healthcare Strategies. Source: Getty Images By Emily Sokol, MPH. May 24, 2021 - Integrating pharmacy and medical benefits drives down costs for employer groups, Highmark Inc. The drug, for epilepsy and fibromyalgia, generated as much as $5 billion a year in revenue before it lost patent protection in 2018. I'm not saying they shouldn't be making money, but they were making $5 billion a year, Amin said. If it started with some public funding, there has to be a way to have accountability. U.S. government spending on research and development in fiscal.

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Description: Rising drug prices continue to be a top concern for Americans. In response, members of Congress are floating multiple recycled ideas that revolve around price controls. In this episode, Dr. Robert Popovian, the Founder of the strategic consulting firm Conquest Advisors, Senior Health Policy Fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute, and previously the Vice [ FDA Let Drugs Approved on Fraudulent Research Stay on the Market. In 2010, the FDA uncovered violations it later called egregious and pervasive at a major pharmaceutical testing lab ASHEVILLE, NC (FOX Carolina) - Officers with the Asheville Police Department said a gun violence investigation led to the seizure of multiple guns, drugs, and money Listen to this episode from VICE News Reports on Spotify. VICE News Senior Reporter Keegan Hamilton travels to Michoacán where Mexico's modern drug war began and continues to rage. To understand the effects of a seemingly endless cycle of crackdown, cartel re-alignment and civilians being displaced, Keegan tells the story of the right now in this region with unprecedented access to various. Are Copay Coupons Actually Making Drugs More Expensive? Consumers, including a ProPublica reporter, love saving money using drug copay coupons. But by upending the benefit structure of health.

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