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2020-05-11 00:54 1. You could subscribe or redeem your leveraged tokens in USDT anytime. To redeem it, simply go to Binance Leveraged... 2. Enter the amount of leveraged tokens you want to subscribe or redeem. Click Confirm to complete the subscription or.. Subscription for the Tokocrypto (TKO) token sale on Binance Launchpad is now open and will remain open for 4 hours. Users can check their eligibility and commit their BNB to the Tokocrypto (TKO) token sale based on their past 7-day average BNB holdings. The BNB rate for the TKO token sale has been set below Since early 2018, Binance is considered as the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of trading volume. Binance is popular among both novice and serious traders alike as it offers different trading interfaces. $10.00 / month with a 7-day free trial. Subscription intervals. Choose an option Every month Binance is excited to bring another Launchpad subscription format to our standard listing process for FC Barcelona Fan Token (BAR). Users will be able to purchase BAR tokens using BNB at a 30% discount prior to the trading start time. The subscription period will start shortly at 2021-04-21 5:00 AM (UTC) and will be open for 3 hours Binance is excited to bring another Launchpad subscription format to our standard listing process for Linear (LINA). Users will be able to purchase LINA tokens using BNB at a 30% discount prior to the trading start time. The subscription period will start shortly at 2021-03-18 5:00 AM (UTC) and will be open for 4 hours

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Binance is excited to bring the Launchpad subscription format to our standard listing process for the AC Milan Fan Token (ACM). Users will be able to purchase ACM tokens using BNB at a 25% discount prior to the trading start time. The subscription period will start shortly at 2021-02-24 5:00 AM (UTC) and will be open for 3 hours Binance Auto-Subscribe? Binance.com. Close. Vote. Posted by 4 minutes ago. Binance Auto-Subscribe? Binance.com. Hey all, this is probably a really stupid question, but I'm wondering about the Auto-Subscribe-option when staking a coin. It says that the available balance of all Spot Accounts will be used to purchase flexible deposits. I am mostly sure that this means that, e.g., all the.

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  1. Change of APY during subscription. Binance.com. So 11 days ago I locked my Harmony ONE in the binance locked staking for the 30d subscription (around 16% APY). Checking today, it got changed to 9% which also affects me. How is this possible and why would you change my APY plan as well when I subscribe to 16%
  2. Conclusion: Binance hacked - Securing your Binance account. Once your Binance account is hacked, there are only little things you could do. One of them is getting in touch with the Binance support team, and before that, you can also disable your Binance account from the Binance security center
  3. Binance is the world's leading blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider with a financial product suite that includes the largest digital asset exchange by volume. 413k. Binancians
  4. Binance Websocket Examples Local orderbook (Spot) # Cache local orderbook and echo best price # btcusdt by default npm run orderbook # or provide the trading pair SYMBOL=bnbusdt npm run orderboo
  5. read. 3Commas is free! With the Binance trader, you can trade with any amount and volume while paying no monthly cost for 3Commas. Our ultimate goal is to make trading simple: - Create & connect an exchange account in one click - Manage no API connections - Deposit and withdraw funds directly on 3Commas.
  6. Binance, where you can trade cryptocurrency, is under investigation. Eyonys González poses for a photo with his cryptocurrency wallet at his home in Havana, Cuba. The Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Justice are investigating Binance, the world's biggest cryptocurrency exchange company, according to Bloomberg

Binance reveals particular coins for locked savings. When the subscriptions of these coins open, you need to avail of these subscriptions before it closes. When the subscriptions open, there are comprehensive details on interest rates and lock-up time. Other than subscriptions, there are coins open that you can subscribe to at any time. You don't need to wait for any opening period for depositing these coins The WAPI endpoints have been removed from Binance API Documentation.To ensure your trading strategies are not affected, all API users are encouraged to upgrade trading bots to SAPI endpoints as soon as possible. 2021-05-26 . Update endpoint for Wallet: New transfer types MAIN_PAY,PAY_MAIN added in Universal Transfer endpoint POST /sapi/v1/asset/transfer and GET /sapi/v1/asset/transfer to. Subscription and redemption Flexible Savings account holders can access and redeem their funds at any time and the funds are credited in real-time. In addition, the funds are made available immediately after redemption. Interest is calculated from the day of subscriptions and the interest earned is distributed two days after subscribing Link to my crypto trading course: https://www.udemy.com/course/cryptocurrency-trading-crash-course-for-beginners/?referralCode=C0025C6EAAEB25BE92A1Where I ge..

Binance coin has a capitalization of 200 million and is expected to surpass bitcoins in a few years. Reason for the Rise in price of Binance Coin. Binance coin has two major functions, one it functions as a discount token towards the fees that are paid on the Binance exchange and two it is a fuel for the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The main reason for the surge in the price of Binance Coin is due to the BSC Trade, Subscribe and Redeem - Trade is on the spot market, while subscribe and redeem is against liquidity provided by Binance (this is usually at a higher price). Before you can trade with Binance leverage tokens you need to accomplish and pass a quiz about this trading instrument. Read full Binance review 2020 for more general information about the trading site. What is the leverage level. This Binance Masterclass is FREE to ente... This Binance Masterclass will guide you on how to use Binance and give a step-by-step guide from a Binance employee Get the Binance.US App. 02-02. View Announcements. Buy, Sell, and Trade Cryptocurrencies. Trade over 50 cryptocurrencies with low trading fees. Get Started. Your new Favorite App for Cryptocurrency Trading. Buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency on the go with the new Binance.US app 2.0. Learn more. Cryptocurrency Price 24h % Change; BNB BNB. $282.1428-15.73%. BTC Bitcoin. $32,637.33-7.54%. ETH. Hey guys, you really don't want to miss this nice fresh listing on Binance. Its a brand new coin of an Exchange. $TKO$BNBGet 5% Cash Back on the link:https:/..

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Binance is hosting a webinar on Saturday, January 30 at 2pm UTC. Join us to learn how to trade and earn money at 0 fees on Binance P2P and win over 350 BUSD!.. Fellow Binancians, Binance will resume trading, subscription and redemption for all Binance Leveraged Tokens on 2021-05-19 at 6:00 PM (UTC). Thank you for your patience and understanding Binance announced that the subscription format will not be limited to Launchpad sessions going forward. It may be used for new listings, allowing users to purchase already-circulating tokens at a discount prior to the start of trading. For that reason, Binance may use average BNB balances calculated for a period prior to the time an announcement is made. For additional details, head over to.

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  1. read. We're excited to announce that on May 19 at 7:00am UTC, POLS was listed on Binance in the Innovation Zone! The listing was announced on May 19th. Binance's Innovation Zone is a trading area dedicated.
  2. With Coinbase's Easy Account Set Up, You Can Buy Crypto Safely in Minutes. Look No Further, Coinbase Has All Your Crypto Needs in One App. Buy, Sell, Trade Today
  3. FREE 6 Month Subscription (a $300 USD value): Open a new Binance account using this link Fund your new account with any amount Place at least 1 trad
  4. Hey all, this is probably a really stupid question, but I'm wondering about the Auto-Subscribe-option when staking a coin. It says that the available balance of all Spot Accounts will be used to purchase flexible deposits. I am mostly sure that this means that, e.g., all the BTC..
  5. Save 20% on Binance Trading fees. 2. Use BNB to Pay your Trading fees: After signing up and adding funds to your Binance account, you should buy some BNB. BNB is the native token of Binance exchange that would help you save up to 25% on your trading fees. This feature can be enabled from the Binance dashboard. 3
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Binance is the world's leading blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider with a financial product suite that includes the largest digital asset exchange by volume. 203k. Binancians. 4.9k. Online BINANCE COIN / BNB News and Price Prediction. Buy BINANCE COIN / BNB now at it's lowest on the charts. What are your 2021 predictions for BINANCE COIN / BNB and what are your Month predictions for BINANCE COIN / BNB. Subscribe for All Updates BINANCE COIN / BNB Note: I am not a financia Binance was founded in 2016 and launched in 2017 following an ICO which raised $15 million. At the same time, the crowd sale led to the creation of the Binance Coin (BNB), which operates as an ERC 20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Changpeng Zhao is the head of Binance and under his stewardship, the platform takes a measured approach to decide which tokens to list. Trading currencies include.

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Binance offers various subscription plans from within Binance Earn, one of it being the VET Flexible Savings plan. The VET Flexible Savings Plan. By subscribing to the VET Flexible Savings plan you will earn an interest on your VET. VET locked into the savings plan is not available for you to trade with, but it is possible to redeem your VET at any time. By subscribing their VET, users will. Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that is mainly focused on the Chinese market, and it currently supports English and Chinese users. The tokens available for trading on the platform are the Binance token (BNB), which was created during the Initial Coin Offering event to fund the development of the Binance exchange, and other Chinese coins Ein Binance Betrug ist in unseren Augen ausgeschlossen, zumal es sich keinesfalls um einen kleinen oder unbedeutenden Marktplatz handelt. In der asiatischen Heimat ist Binance ein wahrer Gigant und lässt so unterm Strich hinsichtlich der Seriosität keine Fragen offen. Das Angebot von Binance im Überblick. Für den Handel mit den verschiedenen Kryptowährungen stellt der Anbieter eine. The most complete list of Binance IEOs and upcoming initial exchange offerings on Binance launchpad. Get the latest information on IEOs with our IEO Calendar. Total Market Cap: M. Cap: $ 1.31T (-13.9%) BTC Dominance: BTC Dom: 45.54% (1.0%) 24h Volume: 24h Vol: $ 872.40B (5.6%) BTC Price: BTC: $ 31,947 (-10.3%) ETH Gas: $ 2.35 (58 Gwei) Slow . $ 2.31 (57 Gwei) ~16 min 15 sec. Standard . $ 2.35.

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1. Open Chrome in Incognito mode. 2. Go directly to https://binance.com (to prevent any referral link cookies from sticking) 3. Create your new account. ProfitTrailer supports 40+ different buy/sell strategies. Need to understand the ins and outs of ProfitTrailer. Head over to our wiki Binance websocket API client License: Features Usage API coverage Other websocket libraries Reconnecting Backtesting Multi-threading Default behavior Parallel subscriptions Parallel subscriptions with synchronization Async/Await integration Desktop application (WinForms or WPF) Available for hel Example code in Nodejs that demonstrate how to subscribe to Binance Websocket server. api websocket orderbook binance JavaScript MIT 26 54 0 0 Updated Jun 12, 2021. binance-official-api-docs Official Documentation for the Binance APIs and Streams 2,020 3,427 2 0 Updated May 31, 2021. websocket-demo a live demo site for subscribing to websocket server JavaScript MIT 0 4 0 0 Updated May 31, 2021. JustLiquidity Binance Coin Price & Market Data. JustLiquidity Binance price today is $4.23 with a 24-hour trading volume of ?. It has a circulating supply of 0 JULB coins and a max supply of 602 Thousand Binance Coin-Kurs für heute ist 348,25 $ mit einem 24-stündigen Handelsvolumen von 1.481.184.106 $. BNB-Kurs ist um -1.7% gefallen in den letzten 24 Stunden. Es gibt derzeit eine Gesamtanzahl von 150 Millionen Kryptowährungen und eine maximale Anzahl von 171 Millionen Kryptowährungen. Binance ist der Markt mit dem aktuell aktivsten Handel

Our A.I trading robot for binance futures, uses a special strategy and charting skills to decide when to long or short . Our robot has recorded 500% profit daily with a 10x futures account. Subscription Plans. We offer 100% satisfaction and Money back Guarantee. Silver. USD 49 / 30 days. Dashboard Signal - YES; Trading Robot - YES; Email Alert - YES; SMS Alert - NO; Telegram Alert - YES; Phone. Binance is free to download and use, though there are some fees: General: 0.1% spot trading fee; 0.5% Instant Buy/Sell fee. If you hold a BNB account, the Binance fees will be automatically deducted from your account. To view the Binance withdrawal fees, visit its fee structure page . Check the Binance US fees here Binance Chief Finance Officer Wei Zhou has abruptly left the crypto exchange after three years. He originally came to the firm from Grindr

A decentralized finance cross-chain bridge for converting tokens into privacy focused versions has launched to mainnet on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The Secret Network announced the launch in a blog post on June 15. The BSC bridge provides the ability to bridge BEP-20 tokens into their privacy-preserving equivalents, or Secret Tokens on. But since at least late 2020 Binance users from the U.S. and around the globe have had their accounts frozen for unconventional reasons. The names of all clients cited in this article have been. The British institution will bar fund exchanges with both Binance and Kraken, amid financial crime concerns. This move has come amid reports that over 800 TSB customers reported losing money in scams based on the exchanges within the space of a month.. Reports also indicate that the bank's decision stems from concerns about these exchanges' security standards Subscribe to handler exceptions. Binance-sdk receives stream messages in background tasks, so sometimes it is difficult to detect the exceptions raised in receive function of user handlers. Fortunately, we could use HandlerExceptionHandlerBase. from binance import (HandlerExceptionHandlerBase, KlineHandlerBase) class KlineHandler (KlineHandlerBase): def receive (self, payload): raise. Crypto-exchange Binance launches new function for Binance Coin (BNB) The Binance Coin (BNB) is seeing a daily plus of 15.17%. The growth of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was primarily responsible for the strong performance of the BNB, this time there is something differentu001f responsible for the growth. Binance now offers users to stake BNB

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The base endpoint is: https://dapi.binance.com; All endpoints return either a JSON object or array. Data is returned in ascending order. Oldest first, newest last. All time and timestamp related fields are in milliseconds. All data types adopt definition in JAVA. HTTP Return Codes. HTTP 4XX return codes are used for for malformed requests; the issue is on the sender's side. HTTP 403 return. Subscription Format: First-come, first-served basis. Subscription Period: 2021-05-05 4:0... Subscription Period: 2021-05-05 4:0... Fellow Binancians, Binance Pool will launch the 41th phase of Dual Investment products on 2021-05-05 (UTC) Binance's chief executive said the majority of the 4 million accounts he oversees are largely male customers with an average age of 25-35 (Shutterstock) Bitcoin exchange Binance faces legal probe. Binance has announced the introduction of the Automata Network (ATA), a starling 20th project which it will support under Launchpool platform Similarly, BEP-20 is the token standard on the smart chain of the Binance platform. This token defines who can use them, spend them, and how and other related details. BEP-20 is compatible with both BEP-2 and ERC-20 as there are multiple similarities. This token was produced for Binance smart chain as a technical specification

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  1. s ·. Earn Up to 20% APY on #RIF with #Binance Savings. Fellow Binancians, Binance has added RIF to the list of supported assets on Savings, a value-added service to Binance users who hold idle digital assets. Locked Savings Product Details ( Subscribe binance.com
  2. The NFT Marvel Marketplace is a decentralized market built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Creators can take assets and turn them into NFT tokens. Marvel fan tokens (MV), are at the center of the marketplace's universe. MV tokens are earned with each interaction on the platform. Sponsored. Sponsored. Interactions can include creating digital artwork and sharing them with the public. Users.
  3. Fellow Binancians, Binance has added VITE to the list of supported assets on Flexible Savings, a value-added service to Binance users who hold idle digital assets. Subscribe now Note: Subscriptions..
  4. Subscribe to Academy Newsletter (5x $50 # BTC) +More ways to win! Winners announced in 48 hours! See More. We're celebrating two years since the beta launch of Binance Academy on August 14, 2018. academy.binance.com . Binance Academy Celebrates 2 Years - $1,000 in Bitcoin to be Won | Binance Academy. We're celebrating two years since the beta launch of Binance Academy on August 14.

Binance.US CEO Brian Brooks says Elon Musk is good for the crypto space. Source: Bloomberg) Bitcoin took a dive Friday after Musk hinted at a potential split from the largest cryptocurrency Our Binance Futures and Forex signals are consistently profitable month on month, with accuracy in 80%+ range usually. Why use AltSignals? Our signals bring results. Take a look at our 3 best months! Bitmex April 2020. Signals. 18. Wins. 17. Losses. 1. Total % 4855 % Win Rate % 94 % 94 % View Report View Report View Report View Report. Binance Futures June 2020. Signals. 47. Wins. 44. Losses.

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  1. TKO dari Tokocrypto mulai listing di Binance. Foto: Twitter @tkobytokocrypto . ENDONESIA.com - Tepat pukul 11.00 WIB, Rabu (7/4/2021), subscription untuk menentukan akan membeli berapa TKO di Launchpad Binance sudah dimulai. Peserta Launchpad yang telah mendaftar sebelumnya dengan cara hold atau deposit BNB, diberi kesempatan subscription selama 4 (empat) jam ke depan atau hingga pukul 15.00.
  2. Litecoin, Binance Coin, Chainlink Price Analysis: 01 June. Source: Pixabay. Litecoin and Chainlink were yet to break above key resistance areas but bullish strength was accumulating in their markets. Up the crypto ladder, Binance Coin required to flip 38.2% Fibonacci level ($402) to initiate a price rally
  3. The current Binance Coin market was suggesting that the asset was currently at its most tradable range. However, if it fails to hold on to $311, the next stop will be close to $286. An entry at this point could help traders make a profit by buying the dip. Subscribe to our Newsletter . Related Topics: Up Next. XRP Price Analysis: 25 May. Don't Miss. Cardano: Here's what the next 90 and 30.
  4. Binance users will have free access to Capitalise.ai's full suite of automated trading tools, including research and analysis tools (such as backtesting and simulations), smart notifications, a.
  5. Binance Coin [BNB] attempted to hold its consolidation at $330, but a powerful sell-off drove the price below support. As support for BNB dwindled, the stock fell another 32% to $223. BNB gained support at this point, and the price reversed. It has recovered 28% since the monthly low and is now trading at $288.47. Binance Coin hourly char

Binance Coin's trading volume, for example, increased by 110 percent, while MATIC maintained its critical support level. Finally, Litecoin has had a slight price adjustment in the previous 24 hours. Binance Coin [BNB] Source: BNB/USD, TradingView. Binance Coin regained 8.3 percent in 24 hours and was worth $288.95 at the time of writing. It is worth mentioning, however, that BNB just broke. Binance Coin, which was trading at $333 at the time of publication, experienced a 2.5 percent one-day price decrease and a 3.1 percent seven-day price decline. BNB has traded within its tight channel since the 17 percent drop on June 7, testing support around $326 on June 18. While it was trading around its solid support, the main barrier was at $380. With a market domination of 3.48 percent.

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This is because Binance Singapore offers the lowest transaction rates when it comes to buying crypto with SGD. Binance on the other hand, charges more than 2 per cent in credit card and conversion fees. After buying BTC on Binance Singapore, I then send the BTC to Binance, which allows me to do other things like trade with it, or buy or sell. Binance has launched a US-based platform and is starting to block US users from using binance.com. If you are a US-based user, you will want to switch from using binance.com to binance.us. You'll also want to keep track of your crypto portfolio and have a record of your transactions for taxes. See below for step-by-step instructions on how to get this all done in 15 minutes Binance เป็นเว็บเทรดเงินคริปโตรายใหญ่รายล่าสุด ที่ประกาศหยุดการซื้อขายสกุลเงิน XRP หลังจาก Coinbase เพิ่งประกาศไปเมื่อวันก่อน. สาเหตุสำคัญมาจาก SEC ยื่น.

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All symbols for streams are lowercase. A single connection to stream.binance.com is only valid for 24 hours; expect to be disconnected at the 24 hour mark. The websocket server will send a ping frame every 3 minutes. If the websocket server does not receive a pong frame back from the connection within a 10 minute period, the connection will be. Binance confirms that some traders lost money on the DOWN tokens, there is no way to reduce the leverage until the subscription and redemption of the tokens are suspended, the. Is there a specific binance futures API endpoint with which you automatically close all positions? There is such an option in the GUI. Right now I can only imagine getting amounts of all positions and python binance ccxt binance-api-client. asked Jun 9 at 12:26. Borut Flis. 13k 26 26 gold badges 75 75 silver badges 103 103 bronze badges. 0. votes. 0answers 11 views Binance Api - buying and. Subscription Price: BINANCE Premium Channel Fees: 1 Month - 0.007 BTC / 3 Months - 0.015 BTC / 6 Months - 0.025 BTC / 1 Year - 0.036 BTC (Only 0.003 BTC monthly ) / BITMEX Premium Channel Fees : 1 Month - 0.009 BTC / 3 Month's - 0.02 BTC / 6 Month's - 0.035 BTC / 1 Year - 0.058 BTC (Only 0.005 BTC monthly ) / BINANCE + BITMEX Channel Fees : 1 Month - 0.012 BTC / 3 Month's - 0.03 BTC / 6 Month.

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Binance Exchange Review 2021. Binance started in China in mid-2017 but shifted base to Hong Kong and now in Malta after the China government banned cryptocurrency exchanges. It is a centralized exchange but a reliable one because despite handling the volume it does on a regular basis, there have been no reports of it or going down Binance To Launch New On-Chain NFT Platform. by. Daily Hodl Staff. June 12, 2021. in. Altcoins. Global crypto exchange Binance is introducing its own non-fungible token (NFT) platform. In a new blog post, Binance announced that it is launching premier NFT platform, Featured, which will go live on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Although the validators will produce blocks for the Binance Smart Chain, the staking logic is implemented on the Binance Chain, which is not compatible with MetaMask. Therefore, you will need to Binance Chain Wallet browser extension for staking. When funding your wallet with BNB, make sure that you send the coins over the Binance Chain. If you want to withdraw BNB from an exchange, select. A Binance Smart Chain client based on the go-ethereum fork - binance-chain/bsc. Skip to content. Sign up Why GitHub? WS subscriptions to contract events causing global block lagging on full nodes #160 opened Apr 21, 2021 by BennyTheDev. BSC node crashes and can't recover (Looking for peers) #159 opened Apr 21, 2021 by APshenkin. 1. Panic when syncing with testnet #156 opened Apr 19, 2021. Binance Smart Chain Congestion is Slowing Down PancakeSwap. PancakeSwap, the leading Binance Smart Chain application in terms of market capitalization, blamed recent performance woes on an overloaded blockchain. No, #PancakeSwap isn't slow, BSC is just overloaded right now, the tweet said. We also have an ATH number of people using.

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Elon Musk is embroiled in a new controversy and it seems that a new declared enemy has been named. Billionaire Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, made a scathing comment mocking the Tesla CEO's. Binance (Futures) is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange. There are coins and 171 trading pairs on the exchange. Binance (Futures) volume in the last 24 hours is reported to be at ₿3,595,431.87 and open interest of ₿165,282.84. The most active trading pair on Binance (Futures) exchange is BTC/USDT. Binance (Futures) is established in year.

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Subscribe . Sign In. BETA. This is a BETA experience. You may opt-out by clicking here. Edit Story. Editors' Pick | Oct 29, 2020, 01:42pm EDT | Leaked 'Tai Chi' Document Reveals Binance's. The transaction seemed to have gone through and Binance.com reported 0/15 verifications, but after a few minutes, it removed my transaction and displayed the following message: BSC network withdrawal suspended. Withdrawals can be processed through alternative networks. Subscribe to network recovery reminders to receive updates

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Binance CEO explains how herd mentality causes bitcoin price volatility - but argues the same behavior can be seen in the stock market Isabelle Lee May. 3, 2021, 02:21 P Shiba Inu (SHIB), a new Dogecoin-inspired cryptocurrency launched last August, is now listed on Binance — the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange.This is a big win for Shiba Inu and its. Top binance-smart-chain Games | DappRadar. Your DappRadar Account. Sign up Login. Discover more in your ETH/BSC wallet using our Portfolio Tracker. Track ERC-20 tokens. NFT portfolio. DeFi portfolio. Dapp activity. Check your portfolio 8Pay is a DEFI platform for automatic trustless crypto payments. It operates on the Binance Smart Chain network and it is currently under testing ahead of its mainnet launch. In this short guid

AXS, the Axie Infinity governance token, has been listed on Binance! To learn more about AXS, please read our White Paper. LUNA holders can claim their AXS here. Questions? Join Axie Discord We're thrilled to announce that AXS has been listed on Binance! The Lunacian. Subscribe. About; Archive; Help; Log in; AXS Listed on Binance! Axie Infinity: Nov 4, 2020: 5: 1: Share . AXS, the Axie. Binance Coin Rollercoaster Liquidates Over $120 Million in Long Positions. Apr 12, 2021 2 months ago. Technology News Report

Binance's marketplace is going live on June 24 and the eight Aussies are part of an invite-only 100 Creators campaign spotlighting creators from around the world. We believe these eight creators will provide eye candy to Binance NFT Marketplace users, said Helen Hai, the head of Binance NFT Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a decentralized system that operates in parallel to the Binance Chain (BC), with transfers and communication between nets. The BC mainnet was launched in April 2019. A year later, in the Binance Smart Chain white paper, the exchange introduced the concept of another similar blockchain to support smart contracts

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Cryptocurrency Prices Today on June 21: Bitcoin, XRP, Binance Coin Bitcoin's price is currently $35,535.03 and its dominance is currently 44.89 percent, an increase of 0.27 percent over the day Binance Coin to USD Chart. Der heutige Umrechnungskurs von Binance Coin in USD beträgt 267,94 $ . Es gibt derzeit eine Gesamtanzahl von 155 Millionen Kryptowährungen und das gehandelte Gesamtvolumen beträgt $4.240.423.922. 1 h Binance Coin was created in June-July 2017 to fund the launch of the Binance exchange. Half the tokens were sold to the public, with the other half distributed to angel investors and Binance's founding members. BNB's initial use was to serve as a token for discounted fees on the exchange (as we'll see, its use cases have since grown), with users initially enjoying a generous 50% off. Open the email from Binance and confirm. Add Binance to 3Commas. Don't change the key settings. Check how to connect API to 3Commas. Did this answer your question? Blog. binance-aio 0.0.3. Announcement:binance-aio has been replaced by a new library cryptoxlib-aio. cryptoxlib-aio offers the very same functionality as binance-aio but on top it provides access to multiple cryptoexchanges and other (mostly technical) new features. You can keep using binance-aio but please note no new features/bugfixes will be implemented

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